BBM from your Desktop

Now you can use Blackberry Messenger from your desktop or notebook computer. Enhance your Blackberry experience by using the screen and keyboard of your desktop computer to BBM with your friends. Rest your thumbs, type at full speed, get SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for Blackberry today! Built with award-winning technology, our new and improved version for BlackBerry devices offers users a combination of remote control, presentation and synchronization tools!

New Features

  • 7.0 Support: SOTI is proud to support the latest BlackBerry OS on their fastest devices! Gesture Support: Swipe, scroll, navigate using your touch screen monitor or mouse!
  • Bluetooth Support: Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth in addition to WiFi & USB!
  • Popup Notifications: Instantly get notified of phone calls/emails/SMS on your PC.
  • Remote Control Speed Supercharged: Lightning fast, even lighter on the CPU!


Increased Productivity:

Use your desktop PC with your monitor, keyboard and mouse to quickly and accurately interact with your BlackBerry to enter text and transfer data.

Ease of Use:

Connect your device via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB, and with a few simple clicks you’ll have complete control over your device.

Simplified User Interface:

Take advantage of the new, easy to use Ribbon Interface with quick-access icons.

Advanced Security:

Connection Authentication ensures only authorized remote access.


Remote Control:

Use your mouse & keyboard to view and fully control your smartphone. Have a touchscreen monitor? You can now “touch” & perform gestures on the virtual screen! More than ever before, it’s like having the BlackBerry in your hands.

Training & Presentation Tools:

Display your BlackBerry in real-time on either a projector or web presentation via your PC to create efficient and professional presentations to train and educate.

File Explorer Tool:

Browse the file system of your PC and BlackBerry simultaneously. Transfer, view, edit and manage your files locally and remotely.

File Synchronization:

Automatically or manually synchronize your data files (e.g. pictures, video files, documents, etc.) between your PC and mobile device.

Service Books:

Monitor all of your Service Books in full detail for easy troubleshooting anytime, anywhere with your desktop PC.

Task Manager Tool:

View detailed information about applications and processes running on your device that may be causing your device or application to misbehave.

Screen & Video Capture:

Capture screens to compressed GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG file formats as well as record videos in WMV and AVI formats.

System Information Tool:

Monitor vital system information, such as battery levels, memory utilization, and operating system and processor information.


Create professional training materials by printing device screenshots using SOTI’s unique skin technology.

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Security News

  • SOTI- SATCOM Training

    On 14th March 2019 Mrs. Anupriya (Pre-sales Engineer) from SOTI visited our HO office in West India where she had provided one day training to our Mumbai and South team were in the agenda of training was more focus on Technical perspective and had also explained feature of product.

    She also explained about positioning of the products to various industry verticals by giving examples & also stressed the need to adopt these products for compliances "Read More"......


    On the 06th March 2019 our company shall complete 16 Golden years of its establishment. It was occasion to thank each and every one of you for being an earnest part of SATCOM INFOTECH PVT LTD.


    Our company has uncountable achievements and accomplishments, which proved to be exceptionally productive for our business.


    Only with the support of our excellent team, it has been able to reach this level. Every one of you plays an important role in the organization. It is only because of your enthusiasm, support, and dedication that has brought us to this height. SATCOM INFOTECH shall ever remain indebted to the contributions of its employees.



    On 13th Feb 2019 Satcom has conducted the Innefu Training for all the partners in South region. Training was given by Mr. Abhinav Bakshi & Mr. Sankar. Where around 09 Partners attended the training.

    The main agenda for the training was to give Product Overview about INNEFU Authshield & Prophecy (Big Data Analytics). Also given video demonstrations for FRS solutions.

    The main purpose of conducting the training was to provide demo to the partners for the products, which will help them to understand the product in the real scenario.


Satcom Infotech believes in security through control. Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd provides end-to-end Security solutions for all categories of Information Technology products.


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