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The Satcom Infotech Services Continuum is an end-to-end IT Security Services framework, designed to help you plan, build, support, manage, improve and innovate the full lifecycle of your IT Security infrastructure, thus delivering measurable, positive returns from IT investments.


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For more information on Satcom Infotech Support Services, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Live Help


Supporting your investment in Satcom Infotech

At Satcom Infotech, our support services have the same priority as our technological innovations. To us, support is not just about providing updates or helping with installations. It is about sharing our expertise to give you the very best protection.

Our in-house team of experts is trained in both Sophos solutions and third-party technologies.

Whenever you contact Satcom Technical Support Services you will be speaking to a fully trained Satcom Engineer - not a call taker based in an overseas call centre. Reach our Local Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Alternatively dial us at:

Mumbai: +91-22-67911040

Delhi: +91-11-40537576

Bangalore: +91-80-41269789

Hyderabad: +91-40-32951554

Security News

  • Satcom Annual Meet "AAROHAN 2019"

     SATCOM INFOTECH Pvt Ltd- ANNUAL MEET "AAROHAN 2019" SATCOM had conducted Annual meet - "AAROHAN 2019" in GOA on 13th October 2019. Satcom has organised Annual meet 2019 which compromises of all the Regional heads from each region along with the team. Where we had discussed about the Road map for the financial year 2019-20 also done discussion about area we need to focus where we are currently lacking and how we can overcome from the same. Defined new procedure, strategy for the smooth flow of business. Focus for sales target in FY 2019-20 New recruitments in upcomming/ new business Area. Stream Linning of Current business. Discussion on Overcomming Current business Challenges. Conducted award ceremony to keep team motivate.















  • Parablu- SATCOM Training

    On 18th July 2019 We believe in engaging with partner support team by continuously updating and training them on products and solutions we deal with. 

    Where Satcom Infotech had recently signed with Parablu as it portfolio for backup solution. 

     Satcom Infotech had conducted a partner event in Hyderabad on 18th June 2019 to give Sales and Product Knowledge to various Partners in HYD. Mr. Omprkash from Parablu had done this session along with Mr. Venkat from Satcom. The objective of the program is to enable new partners and upgrade them on the product. "Read More"......


                           Mr. Hiren Shah, Mr. Manish Sonkar and Miss. Snehalatha Lingamgar had conducted SOTI training for some of our partners like LDS Infotech, Sun systems etc... Along with Mr. Gautam Srinivas from SOTI they had provided one day training to our partners on SOTI product explained feature of product. 

                           The main agenda of the training was to provide a basic level knowledge to partners on our newly added product also they had explained why we should pitch SOTI to our customers. 

                           And was demonstrated to the partners so that they can easily learn the product.


Satcom Infotech believes in security through control. Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd provides end-to-end Security solutions for all categories of Information Technology products.

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